It’s a pretty exciting day for us in the SDP world. Today is the release of WYOMERICANA – the short film documentary based on The WYOmericana Caravan Tour of 2013. Brought to you by Square State Film and BHP Imaging (better known to us as Mike and Brian), these guys really knocked it out of the park. And…a longer version is scheduled for release in May. You got 15 minutes? Check this out and get your daily dose of Wyoming!

This film is entered in the Wyoming Short Film Contest and these guys would sure appreciate your vote. Head on over to wyomingshortfilmcontest.com to vote for WYOMERICANA! Yip-yip!

WYOmericana Tour Schedule Announced


NEW Video Release of “The Canyon”

Happy New Year friends! Let’s celebrate with a new video!

In between WYOmericana Caravan Tour dates last June, we stepped into our beloved Grand Teton National Park to film an unplugged version of “The Canyon”—an unreleased tune written by Seadar that has made its way to the short list for our next recording project. Our buddy, the prize-fighting videographer Mike Vanata of Square State Film Co., was behind the lens in one of our favorite settings—inside one of the famous Shane Cabins built in 1916 and featured in the 1953 Western, Shane. Presented by Surf Wyoming, watch the debut of “Field Recordings” here.

Winter Newsletter: Relics of 2013, New Video & What’s Ahead

There are two quotes from the late Levon Helm’s autobiography, This Wheel’s on Fire, which I’ve thought about frequently in the past year:
“We never thought our ‘career’ was more important than the music.”
“When I’m a working musician, I feel like I’m successful no matter how big the show. If I’m not working, I feel useless as hell.”

There are things we try to do here at SDP headquarters to propel a livelihood that allows us to write and record… and then hop into a van and take that music to (un)reasonable distances across the great US of A without bludgeoning the propellers or, in this case, the paddlers. Here we are “between the years” with a handful of relics to ramp us into the New (Year of the Horse). Thankful to be doin’ this thing, Mr. Helm, that’s where we are.     ~ Aaron

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WYOmericana Caravan 2014 Announced!

WYOmericana Caravan 2014

Mark your calendars for the 2nd Annual WYOmericana Caravan Tour, hitting the road May & June 2014. We are so excited to welcome aboard The Patti Fiasco and to welcome back J Shogren Shanghai’d. Visit WYOmericana.com for more information.